Special Diets and Allergies Services

Allergy or Intolerance?

Do you have a food allergy or intolerance? The University of Guelph Hospitality Services and SNAP (Student Nutrition Awareness Program) understands that many of our students have special food requirements. Our chefs and managers will work with students who have dietary restrictions by providing them guidance in making informed decisions while dining on campus.

If you are a student with allergies or a parent of a student with a food allergy, we encourage you to contact SNAP with any of your questions, comments or concerns. SNAP will be happy to answer your question(s) or direct you to a Hospitality Services Manager or Chef.

SNAP Contact
Email: snap@uoguelph.ca
Phone: (519) 824-4120 ext. 52249

For assistance when dining on campus please ask to speak to a manager or chef.

Allergy Procedure

The safety of our students is a high priority at the University of Guelph Hospitality Services. We encourage any student with dietary concerns to contact our SNAP Coordinator.

A meeting can be scheduled early with Dining Hall Managers and/or the Executive Chef early in the school year to tour dining halls and review regular dining stations for areas of caution for students with severe food allergies or strict dietary restrictions.

If students have any concerns about food served on campus, all they need to do is ask. In the dining areas, Hospitality staff, Managers, and Chefs are available to answer questions.

We strongly encourage all students with severe food allergies to fill living in residence to complete and submit a Food Allergy Emergency Plan Form, which will be posted out of public view in the student's most frequented dining establishment.

Designated on campus housing is available for students with special dietary needs, conditional upon availability. These facilities include student housing kitchens and common spaces free from common food allergens, as well as kosher kitchens.

The First Response Team (FRT) carry spare EpiPens®. If a student has a prescribed EpiPen®, it is their responsibility to keep it on them at all times.

Responsible Inquiry: Students

Although Hospitality Services takes measures to accommodate the dietary needs of our students, it is the responsibility of the student with the food allergy to inquire about ingredients and preparation to successfully avoid their food allergens. As a precaution, students are asked to always identify any dietary needs, allergies and intolerances to staff each time they place an order.

Student Responsibilities Summary (PDF)

Lists of Ingredients

Hospitality Services staff is able to direct you to our dining hall menus and ingredients which should assist you in answering your question(s). We do not identify for all allergens on our ingredient cards or menus, however, for allergens: peanuts, tree nuts, fish and shellfish, we can reasonably guide you to the information so that you are able to make your own food choices. In the case of a severe and life threatening food allergy or one which substantially limits your food options, especially to wheat, soy, milk and eggs, we recommend you register with our Chefs by getting in contact with our SNAP coordinator.

SNAP Contact
Email: snap@uoguelph.ca
Phone: (519) 824-4120 ext. 52249


All new food service employees complete a mandatory 3 hour health and safety training course which has a section specifically focused on food safety and cross-contamination prevention.

All existing staff complete a yearly health and safety refresher prior to each new school year that emphasizes the importance of food safety in preventing cross-contamination. Furthermore, all of our chefs are certified by the National Food Safety Training Program and are required to renew this certification every 5 years.

Moving into residence with an allergy?
For more information about special accommodations in residence and to fill out an accomodation request form.

Food Allergy Disclaimer

University of Guelph Hospitality Services makes every effort to accommodate the various dietary requirements of our customers and handles food allergies seriously. Every effort is made to instruct our staff regarding the potential severity of food allergies. University of Guelph Hospitality Services staff consults individually with students with food allergies to minimize allergic reactions.

Please be advised that our menu items may contain allergens, may have come in contact with items containing allergens, and there is always a risk of contamination or cross contact. In addition, the potential does exist, that food manufacturers may change their formulation or manner of processing without our knowledge. We do not guarantee the accuracy of ingredient information.

Ingredient and nutrition content of foods may vary due to changes in product formulation, recipe substitutions, portion size and other factors. Customers with concerns need to be aware of these risks. University of Guelph Hospitality Services will assume no liability for any adverse reactions that may occur in the dining facilities. For assistance when dining on campus please ask to speak to a manager or chef.

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