Textbook & Ultra Plan

The Textbook Plan

You can opt to add the textbook plan to your meal plan for the ultimate convenience. Add a textbook plan to your meal plan and receive additional flex plan dollars.

The textbook plan is $1,000, which is to be used exclusively at the University Bookstore to purchase all your must-have school supplies, including textbooks (new or used), room decor, and U of G clothing.

The textbook plan is part of your campus card (student ID card). Every time you purchase an item from the University Bookstore, you will be rewarded with a 10% rebate on your total purchase, which is then added to your flex plan the next business day. 

Any textbook plan money that has not been spent at the end of the school year will automatically be carried over for your next year unless a refund is requested. 

Note: the entire $1,000 will be charged on your first invoice on WebAdvisor.

Remember: You receive all your money in all your plans for both semesters in September. 

2024/2025 Semesterly On-Campus Meal Plans with Textbook Plan

Total Cost/Year
Basic Plan + Flex Plan + Textbook Plan = Total Cost
Less Capital Fund Component
Less Fixed Overhead Costs
Basic Food Dollars
Flex Food Dollars
Textbook Plan
Minimum Plan including Textbook Plan
$2,100+ $500 + $1000 = $3,600
Light Plan including Textbook Plan
$2,100 + $810 + $1000= $3,910
Full Plan including Textbook Plan
$2,100 + $1,190 + $1000 = $4,290
Plus Plan including Textbook Plan
$2,100 + $1,405 + $1000 = $4,505
Varsity Plan including Textbook Plan
$2,100 + $1,580 + $1000 = $4,680


Ultra Food Plan with Textbook Plan

You may purchase the ultra food plan for a minimum of $300 and a minimum of $500 on a textbook plan, which is used exclusively in the University Bookstore. Every time you make a purchase from the University Bookstore, you will be rewarded with a 10% rebate added to your ultra food plan the next business day.

Note: Any money in the textbook plan that has not been spent at the end of the school year can automatically be carried over unless a refund is requested.

Monitoring your Plans

Using your central login account, you can monitor your plans using Hospitality Service's Online Services

Through our online services, you can: 

  • View plan transactions and balance online.
  • Deposit money into your plan using a credit card.
  • Deactivate your lost campus card at any time or reactivate your found card. 

Have questions? 

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