Meal Plan FAQs

Meal Plan Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

You will receive a notification indicating your remaining balance if your balance drops to $100 basic plan food dollars during the school year.

There are three ways to transfer flex dollars to your basic dollars or vice-versa, and these include:
1) Online through our Online Services
2) Emailing us at
3) Visiting us at the Campus Card Office – Level 0, Room 008, University Centre.

You can also purchase additional basic and/or flex plan food dollars via Hospitality Services Online Services with Visa or MasterCard or at the Campus Card Office with debit, VISA, MasterCard or cheques payable to the University of Guelph. Remember: If you run out of flex plan food dollars, you cannot use your basic plan food dollars at campus locations that use flex dollars exclusively.

Locations/services that use flex plan dollars: The Bullring Brass Taps Vending machines Convenience grocery store items Off-campus restaurant food (delivery on dine-in) Taxi services
At the end of the Winter Semester, any remaining balance in your meal plan will be transferred into the carryover plan. This plan allows you to continue spending your remaining money when you return to school, whether you live on or off-campus.

The carryover food plan is accepted at all on-campus locations, including vending machines, off-campus restaurants, and food deliveries from our off-campus restaurant partners. However, the HST will apply to all purchases, and you will not receive a discount.

The carryover plan is non-refundable, and money cannot be added to it.
If you've lost your campus card, you can immediately report it as missing/lost to a cashier at any of our on-campus dining halls, where they will be able to deactivate your card for you.

You can also deactivate your card using Hospitality Services' online services page or the GET Mobile app.

To get a replacement campus card, visit the Campus Card Office in the University Centre, Level 0, Room # 008.
A meal plan may be cancelled, and a refund requested if a student elects to move out of a residence or withdraws from the University of Guelph. They must provide an authorized student withdrawal form from the University, as specified in its undergraduate calendar. Meal plan refunds will only be processed if the student withdraws before the end of the semester.

If the semester is complete, refunds will not be issued. Refunds issued in the Winter semester will not include any amounts from the Fall semester.

The meal plan refund will be subject to a pro-rated charge when the student lived in Residence.

There are no refunds or carryover privileges for students who are required to withdraw from the University of Guelph.

Students who are granted a transfer to the East Residence, West Residence, or East Village Townhouses will be permitted a refund on the food portion of the meal contract plus a pro-rated refund on the fixed costs portion of the meal contract.
You can contact the Campus Card Office via phone, email or in-person at their office in the basement (room 008) of the University Centre. Phone: 519-824-4120 ext. 52822 Email:

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