Ultra Food Plan

Designed specifically for those students living Off-Campus, in the East Residence, West Residence or the East Village Townhouses, the Ultra Food Plan provides a 10% DISCOUNT plus 8% HST SAVINGS on the majority of FOOD Purchases in ALL Hospitality Services locations!

Minimum Deposit ONLY $300!
The minimum deposit is only $300, but you can make the plan as large as you like and ADD MONEY at ANY TIME!

Ultra Food Plan with Textbook Plan

Get rewarded with BONUS Food Dollars when you add a TEXTBOOK Plan to your Ultra Food Plan.

You may purchase the Ultra Food Plan for $300 minimum and $500.00 minimum on a Textbook Plan to be used exclusively in the University Bookstore. Every time you make a purchase in the University Bookstore, you will be rewarded with a 10% REBATE added to your Ultra Food Plan the next business day.

Any money in the Textbook Plan that has not been spent at the end of the school year can be refunded upon request or it will carry over.

So convenient! You don’t have to carry cash!

The Ultra Food Plan (with or without the Textbook Plan) is part of your Student Identification Card. To pay for a purchase, simply present your ID Card to the cashier and the appropriate amount will be deducted from your plan. Without your ID card, you will have to pay cash. You cannot transfer a cash purchase to your Ultra Food Plan and you cannot get a cash refund from your Plan.

The Ultra Food Plan is accepted ALL DAY, in every On-Campus location!

This includes the UC Food Court, the Daily Grind, and Eastside Variety, plus the Brass Taps, the Bullring, specified off-campus restaurants including delivery orders and Red Top Taxi service.

You receive a 10% DISCOUNT plus a TAX SAVINGS of 8% HST on the majority of on-campus Hospitality Services Location purchases.

Please note: the following DO NOT receive a 10% discount and are subject to 13% HST:

  • Vending
  • Purchases at Eastside Variety, the Bullring, the Brass Taps, and off-campus restaurants
  • Delivery orders
  • Red Top Taxi service

Tipping up to 15% is permitted using your Ultra Food Plan at Gryphs On Campus Full Service Restaurant, the off-campus restaurants (excluding deliveries) and Red Top Taxi service.

Please note: Alcohol cannot be purchased on the Ultra Meal Plan.

Buy the Ultra Plan with or without the Textbook Plan Anytime!

You can purchase the Ultra Food Plan via  WebAdvisor during the summer. However, you can buy the Ultra Food Plan at any time during the school year via Online Services accessed through Hospitality Services website. This secure site accepts VISA and MasterCard for payment. You can also purchase the Plan in person at the Express Centre (2nd Floor Creelman Hall). The Express Centre accepts debit, cash, VISA, MasterCard and cheques payable to the University of Guelph.

Carryover Policy

For as long as you are a student at the University of Guelph, the remaining balance in your Ultra Food Plan will carry over from year to year.

Ultra Food Plan Refunds

The ultra meal plan is non-refundable, however, any remaining funds will carry over to the next semester or year.

Please note: the Ultra Food Plan cannot be changed to an On-Campus Meal Plan or the Textbook Plan.

Online Services

Monitor your Ultra Food Plan and Textbook Plan spending Via Hospitality’s FREE Online Services using your Central Login Account!

  • View your Ultra Food Plan and Textbook Plan transactions and balance online
  • You or someone else can deposit money into your plan using a credit card
  • You can deactivate your lost ID card at any time or reactivate your found card

Lost ID Card

For your security, a missing or lost ID card can be reported to any cashier to be automatically invalidated, or you can cancel your Card at any time using Hospitality’s Online Services.

Replacement ID cards are only available at the ID Card Office, Registrarial Services on Level 3 in the University Centre.

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