Registered Dietitian

picture of University of Guelph's nutritionistJessie Trupp is a Registered Dietitian with a passion for health, well-being, food and nutrition. She completed an undergraduate degree in Applied Human Nutrition followed by the Master of Applied Nutrition both at the University of Guelph. Now, she is back on campus as a full-time employee in Hospitality Services!

In addition to food service, Jessie has a background in nutrition and mental health. She believes nutritious foods can also be delicious, and that you should not have to sacrifice what you enjoy in order to lead a balanced and healthy lifestyle. 

Jessie's main roles on campus include meeting with students with allergies upon request, collaborating with chefs and managers on department initiatives, and working with the on-campus Student Nutrition Awareness Program (SNAP).

You can contact Jessie at if you are a:

  • student group, professor or other University member who would like to request a guest lecture or workshop

  • student with an allergy who would like to discuss food options on campus 

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