On Campus Meal Plans

U of G Meal Cards can continue to be used at our off-campus partners. We suggest you use delivery rather than visit the restaurant at this time. 
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Meal Plans will continue as usual until the end of the semester, then rollover to the carryover plan.
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2021/2022 Meal Plan

Students rank Hospitality Services as the #1 University Food Service in Canada!

The On-Campus Meal Plans are mandatory meal plans for students living in a traditional residence and optional for students living in East Residence, West Residence and the East Village Townhouses. Hospitality Services offers five (5) different sizes of On-Campus Meal Plans.

You can choose to ADD TEXTBOOKS to your Meal Plan and receive Additional FOOD Dollars!

For additional convenience and savings, Hospitality also offers a Textbook Plan, which can be added to your Meal Plan and which rewards you with BONUS Food Dollars every time you make a purchase at the University Bookstore.

At Guelph, all food items are individually priced – just like a restaurant! You only pay for what you select. On-Campus Meal Plans are accepted in every one of Hospitality’s 20 eateries as well as the Gryph N’ Grill and Caffeine Canteen – food trucks, so you have lots of choices, so you choose where you want to dine. The amount of time you spend on campus and the types of foods you regularly consume are important criteria in choosing the right sized plan.

Your meal plan selection is required and covers BOTH Fall and Winter semesters.

You receive half of your Food Dollars at the beginning of September and the other half mid-December. You will receive the full portion of your Textbook Dollar (if you choose the Textbook option) at the beginning of September. Once you select your On-Campus Meal Plans, you enter into a contract with the University of Guelph. Please review all the Meal Plan information carefully. You and Hospitality Services will be held accountable for the terms and conditions outlined within.

Students living in Residence (including East Residence, West Residence, and the East Village Townhouses) may change the size of their On-Campus Meal Plan up until September 30th, 2021.

Your Student Identification Card is your Meal Card!

Your student ID card is your payment method for your food purchases. It is also your payment method for Bookstore purchases if you choose a Meal Plan with Textbook component. Without it, you will have to use another form of payment. You cannot transfer a cash purchase to your Meal Plan and you cannot get a cash refund from your Meal Plan.

On Campus Meal Plans are composed of two (2) plans – Basic and Flex!

The BASIC Plan is used for the majority of your on-campus food purchases. It is accepted all day in most Hospitality dining locations and after 1:30 pm (Monday - Friday) and all day on weekends in the U.C. Food Court, UC Subway and UC Starbucks. These purchases are tax exempt (HST).

The FLEX Plan is taxable for the following:

  • vending machines
  • food purchases at the Bullring and the Brass Taps
  • purchases at Eastside Variety
  • convenience grocery items i.e. frozen foods, boxes of cereal or granola bars and health and beauty products
  • dining at specified off-campus restaurants
  • delivery orders for off-campus restaurants
  • Taxi service

Please Note: Alcohol cannot be purchased on any Meal Plan in any location – on or off campus.

Tipping using your BASIC Plan is permitted at Gryphs On-campus Full Service Restaurant up to 15%. You may also tip at the specified off-campus restaurants and for Red Top Taxi service using your FLEX Plan up to 15%.

Meal Plan Options

Note: These are general guidelines for appetites and may not apply to all students.

  • Minimum: Sufficient for students not on-campus on weekends and those with lighter appetites
  • Light: Suitable for students occasionally on-campus on weekends and those with lighter appetites
  • Full: Our most popular plan, designed for students who are on-campus on alternate weekends & those with average appetites
  • Plus: Appropriate for students on-campus alternate weekends and those with larger appetites
  • Varsity: Designed for students on-campus most weekends, athletes and those with larger appetites

On-Campus Meal Plan Payment

REMEMBER: You receive half of your Food Dollars at the beginning of September and the other half mid-December. You will receive the full portion of your Textbook Dollar (if you choose the Textbook option) at the beginning of September. Payments are made in two installments.

2021/2022 Semesterly On Campus Meal Plans
Size Total Cost/Year

Basic + Flex = Total Cost

Semesterly Cost

Less Capital Fund Component Less Fixed Overhead Costs Basic Food Dollars Flex Food Dollars
Minimum $4,380 $1,425 + $765 = $2,190 $130 $618 $907 $536
Light $5,100 $1,663 + $887 = $2,550 $130 $726 $1,073 $621
Full $5,720 $1,863 + $997 = $2,860 $130 $819 $1,213 $698
Plus $6,230 $2,025 + $1,090 = $3,115 $130 $896 $1,326 $763
Varsity $6,540 $2,126 + $1,144 = $3,270 $130 $942 $1,397 $801

How many BASIC Food Dollars and FLEX Food Dollars will I receive?

The price of Meal Plans includes a $130 Capital Fund Component (Per Semester) approved by the University for improvements to the Dining Halls. The $130 Capital Fund component (Per Semester) is deducted from your Meal Plan. A fixed overhead cost (30%) for operating the dining facilities, which includes heat, hydro and rent, is also deducted.

When you spend your Basic Food Dollars on-campus you are contributing directly to the fixed overhead cost of maintaining these excellent student eateries and your food purchases are reduced by 30% at the register. These purchases are also tax exempt.

Add TEXTBOOKS to your Meal Plan and Receive MORE FLEX Dollars!

For the ultimate in convenience, you can now ADD the Textbook Plan to your Student Meal Plan. The plan amount is $1000 and is used exclusively in the University Bookstore to purchase all textbooks including used books, school supplies and U of G clothing for both the Fall and Winter semesters. The Textbook Plan is part of your ID card – just like your Meal Plan. Every time you make a purchase in the University Bookstore, you will be rewarded with a 10% REBATE on your total purchase – ADDED to your FLEX Plan the next business day. Any textbook money that has not been spent at the end of the school year can be refunded upon request or it will automatically be carried over.

Textbook Plan Payment

The entire amount of $1000 will be charged on your first invoice on WebAdvisor.

2021/2022 Semesterly On Campus Meal Plans with Textbook Plan
Size Total Cost/Year Basic Plan + Flex Plan + Textbook Plan = Total Cost Less Capital Fund Component Less Fixed Overhead Costs Basic Food Dollars Flex Food Dollars Textbook Plan
Minimum Plan including Textbook $5,380 $1,425 + $765 + $1,000 = $3,190 $130 $618 $907 $536 $1,000
Light Plan including Textbook $6,100 $1,663 + $887 + $1,000 = $3,550 $130 $726 $1,073 $621 $1,000
Full Plan including Textbook $6,720 $1,863 + $997 + $1,000 = $3,860 $130 $819 $1,213 $698 $1,000
Plus Plan including Textbook $7,230 $2,025 + $1,090 + $1,000 = $4,115 $130 $896 $1,326 $763 $1,000
Varsity Plan including Textbook $7,540 $2,126 + $1,144 + $1,000 = $4,270 $130 $942 $1,397 $801 $1,000

REMEMBER: The $1000 Textbook Plan cost is paid in full in the 1st semester.

What happens if I run out of Food Dollars?

During the school year, when your balance drops to $100 Basic Food Dollars, at that time you will receive a notification indicating your remaining balance.  You can elect to transfer Flex Dollars to your Basic Dollars via Online Services or in person at the Campus Card Office – Level 0, Room 008, University Centre. You also have the option of purchasing additional Basic Food Dollars and/or Flex Food Dollars at any time via Hospitality’s Online Services with Visa or MasterCard or from the Campus Card Office with debit, VISA, MasterCard or cheques payable to the University of Guelph.

PLEASE NOTE: If you run out of Flex Food Dollars, you cannot use your Basic Food Dollars on campus at the Bullring or the Brass Taps, or for vending, buying convenience grocery items and you cannot use them at the off-campus restaurants for delivery orders or Taxi services.

Carryover Plan

At the end of the Winter Semester in April, any remaining balance in your On-Campus Meal Plan will be transferred into the Carryover Plan. This carryover plan allows you to continue spending your remaining money when you return to school, whether you live on or off campus. The Carryover Food Plan is accepted at all on-campus locations including vending machines, off – campus restaurants and for delivery. However, the HST will apply to all purchases and you will not receive a discount. This plan is non refundable and you cannot add more money. 

Managing Your Account Online

We strongly recommend you visit Hospitality’s FREE Online Services, where you can:

  • View your On–Campus Meal Plan transactions and balance online
  • You can deposit money into your Plan using Visa or Mastercard
  • Deactivate a lost I.D. Card at any time or reactivate a found Card
  • Transfer Flex Dollars to Basic Dollars when Basic Dollars are $100 or less

Please note: You can also ask any cashier to check your On-Campus Meal Plan balance at any time.

Lost ID Cards

Replacement ID cards are only available at the Campus Card Office located in the University Centre, Level 0, Room UC 008.

Canceling Your Meal Plan

An On-Campus Meal Plan may be cancelled and a refund requested, if a student elects to move out of residence or withdraws from the University and provides an authorized Student Withdrawal Form from the University, as specified in the University’s Undergraduate Calendar.

Meal Plan refunds will only be processed if the student withdraws before the end of the semester. If the semester is complete refunds will not be issued. Refunds issued in the Winter semester will not include any amounts from the Fall semester.

The Meal Plan refund will be subject to a pro-rated charge for the time the student lived in residence.

There are no refunds or carryover privileges for students who are required to withdraw from the University.

Students who are granted a transfer to the East Residence, West Residence or East Village Townhouses will be permitted a refund on the food portion of the meal contract plus a pro-rated refund on the fixed costs portion of the meal contract.

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