Who do I contact if I have an allergy?

Our Student Nutrition Awareness Program team can answer all your questions relating to eating healthy eating on campus. SNAP’s goals are to encourage students to develop positive eating habits and promote healthier food choices.  

They also work to help students with allergies or dietary requirements navigate eating on campus. You can contact them through social media at @SNAPUofGuelph or by emailing the program coordinator at snap@uoguelph.ca

They'll be able to provide you with some advice for navigating the dining halls, set up dining hall tours with the managers to make sure you know what is safe for you to eat, and send over a food allergy form for you to complete. This form will be sent to all the managers and posted in the dining halls so the staff are aware of your allergies. Hospitality Services takes allergies and intolerances very seriously and will work together with you to make sure you have food to eat.