Acceptable Digital Image Instructions

Acceptable Digital Image Instructions for Online Submission.

  1. The photo must be easily viewed, in focus and recognizable as you.
  2. The photo must be colour, colour photo must show a clear, front view of the applicant's full face.
  3. The photo must be a portrait, in focus, of only the applicant.
  4. Hats, headbands or sunglasses may not be worn in the photo.
  5. The applicant's eyes must be open and looking directly ahead.
  6. Head coverings worn for religious or medical reasons can be worn but must not cover any part of the applicant’s face. The head covering must not obscure or obstruct a full front view of the applicant’s face, nor can it cast a shadow on the face. Persons with a niqab or burka who require their University ID Card be issued at the University of Guelph campus will have a female staff member photograph and verify the individual’s identity in a private setting.
  7. The image file size must be under 2 megabytes and a JPG/JPEG file-type.
  8. The image is not more than 1600 high to 1200 pixels wide.
  9. The image size is either .jpeg or .jpg
  10. The ratio of the image, height divided by width, is around 1.3 (i.e 1600/1200=1.33).

Submitting a digital photograph requirement:

  1. The image is not more than 1600 high x 1200 pixels wide.
  2. The image file size is smaller than 2 megabytes.
  3. The image file type is either .jpg or .jpeg.
  4. The ratio of the image, height divided by width, is around 1.3 (ie. 1600 / 1200 = 1.33).

Steps to take a picture:

  1. Set your camera or phone to its lowest resolution.
  2. An image greater than 1600 x 1200 resolution is too large to submit through this process. We have a maximum image file size of 2 megabytes.
  3. The photo should be taken as a standard portrait (height is greater than the width). This means that you should be able to submit a photo taken with a cell phone or digital camera held so that the picture is taller than it is wide, and with your head centered in most of the photo. See below

image must be portrait

Centered image

  1. Make sure you are centered in the frame of the image and take the picture.​​​​​
  2. You are now ready to upload your picture through Online Photo Submission.